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Are you having a hard time removing the stains from your carpet? Please scroll down to see our FAQ page further for the solutions to the most common found problems. We guarantee a 100% accuracy and quality. We update our page, so come back regularly!

What can I do so my carpets do not re-soil quickly after regular carpet cleaning?

Expert carpet cleaners at Carpet Cleaning Lake Forest recommend the use of specific detergents, and not just any regular detergent products for general cleaning, to remove all kinds of soil from carpets and upholstery. Manufacturers of detergents continuously produce the most effective and top quality cleaning products for carpets. These cleaning products, when properly and effectively used will not, in any way, lead to the quick re-spoiling of carpets.

Does frequent carpet cleaning increase the risk of carpet shrinkage?

Carpet cleaning does not have something to do with the carpet shrinkage. However, there are some very rare cases claiming that carpet installation causes the carpet to shrink. There are certain series of tests that can be run before the cleaning procedure to see if there are risks of shrinkage. You should be informed about this in advance and given better alternatives to carry out on your carpet.

Can I use laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid to clean my carpet?

In most cases, it is not advisable to use these cleaning agents. It is recommended getting cleaning solutions that are really intended for carpets. Some laundry detergents can leave undesirable residues on the carpet that can be quite unsightly. Using laundry or dishwashing products is not really going to mean any savings or benefits.

What are these black lines on the edges of my carpet?

They are called soil filtration lines, in the industry. These are created by the soot from your furnace or candles. Almost every home has them in some way, and while it is possible to remove them, it will take a long time to do so.

Is it true that stain that has lasted longer is more difficult to remove?

This can be true. Some stains, like those from food, for example, harden over time, making it more difficult to remove. There are stains that can become permanent over time. The general rule is to immediately clean any spills or accidents that have stained your carpet, according to our experts.

How do we clean sofas?

Sofa cleaning methods depend on how dirty the fabrics are. Some modern ones will be removed and washed in the laundry but it's also necessary to reach down at the seams with your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt. If they are not removable but also free of stains, you can also dry steam them. Stains must be treated individually and instantly. Read the fabric's labels first.

Should I wait for the tile floor to dry before rinsing?

No, you should not. You should rinse the floor right after you finish cleaning with the solution. Remember to rinse the mop first or to change the cloth. It is a good idea to use hot water for rinsing. This will help you achieve the best end result. Dry the floor after rinsing it thoroughly.

Is it necessary to dry the tile floor after cleaning?

Yes, this is an integral part of the routine which you should never miss. A wet floor can be stained and dirty very quickly. Besides, it may be slippery. You can use microfiber cloth to get the desired result without wasting time.

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