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You have just found a dependable source for free tips related to carpet cleaning. Use them to take the right actions and decisions for having soft and beautiful floor treatments and a healthier home environment. It is all very simple when you have trustworthy guidance at hand.

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Below are the best tips for rug cleaning and stain removal. Find the best solutions to carpet problems! Learn why it is urgent to treat water damage and stains immediately and how! Do you have flokati rugs? These tips will interest you!

Remove stains as soon as possible

The professionals of our carpet cleaning contractor in Lake Forest know by experience that stains won't be removed easily if they are not treated soon. Stained carpets will create an unpleasant environment since they will emit bad odors and, in extreme cases, they will become the perfect shelters for the accumulation of bacteria and other harmful for the human health microorganisms. So, don't leave stain removal for tomorrow.

Deal with soaked rugs right away

If your oriental rugs are soaked, you should dry them as soon as possible to avoid mold growth. The best way to deal with wet rugs is put them in the open air and let them dry under the sun. If they are dirty, you should also clean them well with special ecofriendly products but make sure they are completely dry before you put them on the floor.

Flokati rugs need special treatment

Not all flokati rugs are made of the same materials. So, they require different treatments which must not include vacuuming. They have long piles, which might be destroyed by the vacuum cleaner. It's best to shake them out and put them in the washing machine. If they're made of natural materials, flokati rug cleaning must take place manually.

Use right amount of product

After choosing the right kind of product for carpet cleaning, knowing the proper amount for use is also important. According to our specialists, many carpet owners do not follow the instructions on the carpet cleaning product and end up causing minor damage on their carpets. Even if you have the right cleaning product, using too much can be bad.

Clean your floor tiles often

Your floor tiles are like a magnet for dirt and small airborne dust particles. A consistent and regular sweeping routine will loosen and remove most of that debris and your tiles will look new for years. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to reach any hidden areas like corners, but not with a beater bar which can dull or scratch the tile's surface. For perfect results, guaranteed to your 100% complete satisfaction, give our experts a call and let our professionals clean your home's floor tiles.

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